Completed Projects

The following is a list of completed research projects:

ProjectResearch Area
Durasystems Barriers – Transformer Firewall Burn Test Advanced Manufacturing
Flexible Hose Fabrication on a Collapsible Mandrel Advanced Manufacturing
Lamperd Less Lethal – Less Lethal Munition Advanced Manufacturing
New England Arbors – Prototypes for marketing purposes Advanced Manufacturing
Vital Industrial Solutions – 3D Scanning for Shell Shutdown Advanced Manufacturing
Co-continuous Polymer Blend with Application in Gas Separation Advanced Materials Development
Innovative Accelerated Corrosion Technique for Industrial Protective Coatings Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Advanced Materials Development
Modification and Property Improvement of Post-Consumed Recycled Polypropylene Resin Advanced Materials Development
PE PEO Co-continuous Polymer Blends with Application in Gas Separate Membranes Advanced Materials Development
Process Development for Recycling Solar Panels Advanced Materials Development
Blended Biomass Pellet Bio-Technology
Evaluation and Optimization of Cellulosic Sugar Purification by Uninterrupted Ion Exchange Bio-Technology
Food Grade Protein - Fiber Extraction from Corn Kernel Bio-Technology
Novel Solvent Free Approach for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Beans Bio-Technology
On Campus Entrepreneurship Activities Bio-Technology
Start-Up Sarnia Economics & Business
Sani Sport Testing and Optimization for Fire Fighter Equipment Sanitation Fire & Public Safety
Maintaining High Levels of Hand Hygiene in an Institutional Setting Health & Wellness
Understanding the Prevalence and Severity of Intimate Partner Violence Among Students at Lambton College Health & Wellness
Liricco Valta Android Application Development Information Technology
Software and Process Optimization Information Technology
Community Marketplace Project Information Technology
Video Search Optimization Information Technology
Development of Intrinsically Safe Remote Monitoring the CAR-BER Isolation Tool Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization
Energy Savings Gear Lubricants Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization
Design Optimization, Evaluation, and Integration of a SOFC-based CHP System with Electric Energy Storage for Residential Applications Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Design, Implementation and Performance Validation of Pilot Scale Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) System Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Dynamic Life-Cycle Modeling and State-of-Change (SOC) Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
High Value End Products and Green Hydrogen from Algae Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Installation and Operation of Biogeneration Prototype Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Optimization of Lithium Ion Battery Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Regional Microgrid Feasibility Study, Energy Contribution Profile and Utilization Analysis Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage Research (RECSR) Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Syntheses and Characterization of Doped Titania Nanotubes for Solar Hydrogen Generation Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Through and In-plane Permeability of Carbon Substrates Treated with Hydrophobic Polymer (PTFE) Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Performing Arts Enriching the Lives of Children and Youth Social Science & Community Services
Advanced Central Control System for Remote Facility Management Water & Wastewater
Design Improvement, Optimization and Automation of Aclarus's Water Treatment System Water & Wastewater
Instrumentation and Process Control Design for a mobile Circulating Fluidized Bed Bioreactor (CFBBR) Unit Water & Wastewater
Instrumentation and Process Control Design for KMX Biofuels Corporation Pilot Plant Water & Wastewater
Process Optimization and Control of Large-Scale Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant Water & Wastewater
Water and Wastewater Facility Regional Analysis Report - Southwestern Ontario Water & Wastewater
Wastewater Effluent Toxicity Testing and Research Water & Wastewater
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