Current Projects

The following list of projects are either in-progress or approved but not started:

ProjectResearch Area
Design and Prototype of Vibration Sensor Insulator Mount Advanced Manufacturing
OCE - VEBTA Advanced Manufacturing
Investigation of Pseudo-Thermoplastic Elastomers by Extrusion - Compounding of De-vulcanized Elastomeric Waste and Compatible Thermoplastics Advanced Material Development
State-of-Charge Estimation for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries Advanced Material Development
Formulation Development and Process Optimization for Novel Recyclable Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) Advanced Materials Development
Active Playground Equipment - Corrosion Resistant Articulation Hinge Advanced Materials Development
A Rapid Analytical Method or Prototype for Testing Quality of Ingredients with Application in the Food, Agricultural, and Pharmaceutical Industries Bio-Technology
Biomass Torrefaction Process Development Bio-Technology
Design Sugar Beet Processing Units Bio-Technology
Design, Development and Test Wood Gasification Process Bio-Technology
Development of a Proprietary High Alcohol-Yielding Nutrient Blend Bio-Technology
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer for Bio-Industrial Process Research Applications Bio-Technology
Market Research and Product Development for a Bio-based Line of Fertilizers Derived from Spent Mushroom Substrate Bio-Technology
Material Flow Improvement and Reduction of Non-value Added Inventory Bio-Technology
Pilot Study and Optimization of NovelSolvent-free Technology for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Pulses, Grains, and Seeds. Bio-Technology
Testing the Ability of Pennycress for use as Bio-Pesticide and Brownfield Remediation Bio-Technology
Validation, Automation and Optimization of the Cellulosic Sugar Demonstration Plant Bio-Technology
Automation and Optimization of a Pilot Scale Ginseng Bio-Technology
Impact Assessment of Vegan vs. Standard Diet Bio-Technology
Instrumentation and Control Systems Design Capstone Project
Social Science Capstone Capstone Project
Entrepreneurship I & II Capstone Project
Voucher For E-Business Economics & Business
Assessing the Relationship between an Enhanced Simulation Environment and the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Paramedic Students Health & Wellness
Understanding Bachelor of Nursing Students' perception of an international service learning experience Health & Wellness
Connecting Link2Feed to Collective Impact Platforms Information Technology
Development of Mobile Energy Service Management System Information Technology
Development of One-Touch Lock-Out (OTLO) System for Industrial Applications Information Technology
Development of Information Technology
Enhancement, Field Testing and Integration of One-Touch Lock-Out (OTLO) System for industrial Applications Information Technology
Productivity Improvement for RedRick's Operations Process Information Technology
Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Suspend the Cycle of Poverty Information Technology
Development of Wireless Isolation Tool Pressure Monitoring Technology Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization
Improving Efficiency and Sustainability of the Brewery Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization
An Optimized Distributed LED Power Supply Model Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Assessment and Optimization of Operational Efficiencies of Advanced Outage Management System (AOMS) Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Combined Heat and Power Generation Using PV-Thermal Hybrid System Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Design, Analysis and Implementation of Establishing Micro Grid Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Development of High-Efficiency and Low-Cost Fuel Cell Stack for a Novel BioGenerator Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Enterprise Mobile Platform (EMP) for Utilities to Provide Two-way Communication Management Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Optimization and Integration of Novel BioGenerator Process in Pilot Scale Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Optimization and Validation of Operational Efficiencies of Transformer Monitoring System (DTMS) Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Performance Analysis and Optimization of Structural Tech's Novel Single Axis Solar Tracker System Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Doped Titania Nanotubes Under Visible Light – Optimizing Doping Process and Photobioreactor Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Shell Eco-Marathon Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Testing Novel Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) for Electricity Generation for Large Scale Applications Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Validation of Operational Efficiencies of Advanced Fault, Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) System for Distribution Grid Automation Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Age Friendly Sarnia Social Science & Community Services
Aclarus Ozone Iron / IRB Removal Project at BWA Fish Hatchery Water & Wastewater
Advanced Instrumentation, Control and Optimization of a Mobile Membrane Distillation Wastewater Treatment Pilot Plant for Oil, Gas, and Mining Applications Water & Wastewater
Foot Powered Washing Machine Optimization of Operating Conditions and Proof of Efficiency Water & Wastewater
Genemis AquaVial Test Kit Bacterial Indicator Validation Study Water & Wastewater
Inflow and Infiltration Study – Bright’s Grove Water & Wastewater
LAWSS Polymer Filter Aid Dosage to Dual-Media Filter Study Water & Wastewater
LAWSS Polymer Filter Aid Dosage to Dual-Media Filter Study(1) Water & Wastewater
Raspberry Pi Technology Trial for Remote Monitoring Performance and Evaluation on Ozone Water Treatment System Water & Wastewater
Web Based Database Software for Industrial Plant Historian Integration Water & Wastewater
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