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Analysis of Cellulosic Sugar Manufacturing Process Plant

Comet Biorefining Inc


Comet Biorefining Inc is a provider of sustainable high quality, cost competitive cellulosic glucose for applications in renewable bio-fuels and bio-chemical production. 

Comet Biorefining Inc has developed a process to convert non-food cellulosic biomass into high quality, cost competitive, cellulosic glucose. The process is nearing it's final stages and will soon be operating out of Canada's first cellulosic sugar manufacturing plant in Sarnia, Ontario.


Comet Biorefining Inc in partnership with the Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre at Lambton College will carry out standard qualitative and quantitative analysis of cellulosic glucose generated from lab trials. They will also conduct biomass raw material composition analysis work to determine potential sugar yields from their conversion technology.

The project has a significant impact on optimizing the company's 60 million pounds per year commercial sugar plant - which will be operational soon.

Funder: NSERC
Area: Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

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