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Advantages to Employing Fuzzy Logic Control for Home Appliance Manufacturers

Xiera Technologies Inc


Xiera Technologies Inc is a pioneer in developing unique algorithms to advance Artificial Intelligence, especially in fuzzy logic. Xiera Technologies Inc helps industries save energy, reduce their carbon footprints and speed up the development of smart products without expert knowledge of artificial intelligence or rigorous testing.

Xiera Technologies Inc is continuously innovating the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is used in embedded and process control industries.


In close collaboration with Lambton College, Xiera was able to illustrate the advantages and viability of employing fuzzy logic control for home appliance manufacturers.

This project was aimed at increasing sales and growing operations. It will translate to job creation and future projects on other Xiera systems. Fuzzy logic can save up to 35% more energy, will benefit the environment and will create more jobs which will in turn boost the Canadian economy.

Funder: OCE

Dr. Khaled Nigim

Area: Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

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