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Design & Optimization of Pre-Packed Column for Pharmaceutical & Bio-Technology Applications



There are many different forms of chromatography, column chromatography being of particular importance in the chemical pharmaceutical and biological industries.

Bio-purification processes are widely used in bio-pharmaceutical industries to purify and separate biological target molecules. Such processes place increasing demands for more efficient designs and reliable separation chromatography, as indicated in a recent publication on packing large-scale chromatography columns.


The project facilitated product development and branding, in helping PolyAnalytik bring to market a novel technology in the chromatographic industry. Complex geometries were tested in their prepacked chromatography columns. Although the additive printed parts were too expensive for production, the prototype parts were instrumental in trial evaluations. Product branding was greatly facilitated by the design and fabrication of large housings used to enclose the prepacked columns, fabricated with client specified geometry and corporate colours. Once the design was evaluated, BTAC specified and outsourced prototypes made using a more manufacturable technique from aluminum.

As the prototype development of this column project succeeds, PolyAnalytik anticipates moving into mass production of variable size columns where a manufacturing plant and resin packing plant will be required in the London, Ontario. It is anticipated that the success of this project will help create up to 20 new Canadian jobs in the next three to five years with potential annual revenue of $5 million USD by 2020.

Funder: OCE
Researcher: Rick Williston
Area: Advanced Material Development

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