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Fabricating, Testing & Optimization of Single Cells in Employing Sustainable & Renewable Materials Like Aluminum

Volta Energy


Volta Energy focuses on the advancement of research, innovation and commercialization of technologies that will accelerate the development and marketing of alternative power management systems and processes. 

Volta Energy has been an active and supportive partner on several research projects at Lambton College. The primary aim for this projects is to collaborate with the college to fabricate, test and optimize a series of single cells, employing sustainable and recyclable materials such as aluminum.


Through this project, it is expected that tangible data will be generated and utilized in the ever growing renewable and smart grid sectors and further expanded to the portable and transportation markets.

The success of this project will increase revenue at Volta Energy by an average of 30 per cent and will provide security and enhancements to already existing positions. It is also expected that five additional full-time positions will be created in the first two years of operation.

Funder: OCE
Researcher: Shahram Karimi
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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