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Efficient Resource Utilization to Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Senro Canada Inc


Senro Canada delivers innovative process solutions to facilitate organics and food waste diversion from landfills by solving critical emissions, discharge and disposal challenges for the industry.

Senro Canada is committed to protecting the environment and to preserve natural resources by providing efficient and innovative solutions that:


  • Empower businesses, industries and communities with decentralized and local renewable fuel, clean water and fertilizer
  • Minimize carbon footprints of human activities through wise investments of resources



In collaboration with Lambton College, the focus is to develop a solution for efficient resource utilization to thereby reduce dependence on fossil fuel based resources. 

The plan is to test the possibility of using decentralized, on-site biomass digestion - anaerobic mesophilic digestion followed by composting - with will avoid the risk of hauling or storing long-term for burning. 

Working with the college will allow Senro Canada to create a baseline of the information to develop a complete closed loop system required for resource recovery and circular economy.

Funder: OCE
Researcher: Carlos Torres
Area: Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

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