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Design of a Modular, Hybrid Solar Power Battery Storage System in Outdoor Furniture

Maglin Site Furniture


Maglin Site Furniture is a Canadian-based company with 35 years of experience in design, manufacture and sale of premium outdoor site furniture.

As part of their dedication to protecting the environment, they use many high quality recycled materials, wood from managed forests, lead-free e-coatings and solvent-free powder coating.


In collaboration with Lambton College, Maglin Site Furniture has incorporated a modular, hybrid solar power battery storage system into the design of outdoor, sun-shade system.

The solar powered energy conversion and storage system is modular, upgradable and capable of providing reliable and uninterrupted power for multiple functions.

System efficiency was maximized and cost minimized by implementing the use of thin-film solar panels and lithium-based rechargeable battery banks.

Funder: OCE
Researcher: Sharham Karimi
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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