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Design & Fabrication of Air Multiplier to Improve Cooling Tower Efficiency

Abram Refrigeration & Sheet Metal


Abram Refrigeration & Sheet Metal services all types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems in addition to commercial refrigeration equipment. An opportunity has been identified to partner with Graphite Technologies to exploit an energy saving air multiplier design shown to reduce power consumption and increase cooling tower efficiency. Through collaboration with Lambton College, Abram Refrigeration & Sheet Metal hopes to move the air multiplier from prototype phase to design, build and testing phases with quantified performance gains and documentation suitable for commercialization.


The current prototype design has been found to increase air flow by 54 per cent over conventional designs without an air multiplier, with only a 0.5 amperes increase. Such increases in efficiency could either improve energy efficiency with the same level of performance or dramatically increase the cooling capacity of cooling towers, allowing lower specifications thus allowing cheaper HVAC units to be selected and used in many applications. Improving cooling tower performance, reducing energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs for commercial and industrial cooling towers will give Abram a competitive advantage in the Sarnia market and controlling the IP on this product will allow for expansion outside the region.

Funder: NSERC
Researcher: Rick Williston
Area: Advanced Manufacturing

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