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Design & Test Low-Cost, Additive-Printed RF Transmitter Housing



Quantum5X is a London, Ontario based company that manufactures innovative wireless microphone solutions for the sports, broadcasting and entertainment industry. These broadcast devices are built to perform at the highest standards for audio quality and range and they're the world's smallest and most rugged and completely waterproof.

Previously, all the plastic parts are made in-house using silicone molds, with parts being cast in two part urethanes of various types using both hard and flexible materials. This process is performed by a skilled technician and supported by a mechatronics engineer. 3D prints for the molds are outsourced.


Q5X requested additive printing of moulds to accelerate production of moulded cases for the RefMic line of transmitters, but became interested in the feasibility of additive printing of cases. The project involved development of a new process using a new material, modifying their case design for optimal additive printing performance and producing prototypes.

The fabricated prototypes were cheaper than the moulded parts, exhibited higher impact resistance and gave Q5X better control over product mix in manufacturing, so they are now actively pursuing additive printing as a production technique for future products.

Researcher: Rick Williston
Area: Advanced Manufacturing

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