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Optimization & Development of Medical Product Packaging Solution for Cost Effectiveness

Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc.


Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc (DBC) develops and markets non-isotopic and unique immunoassay kits in the field of diagnostics and public health. DBC is looking to find a newer way of packaging due to the increase in its global market and they are looking at minimizing shipping costs, especially beyond North America. Currently, the shipping costs are proportionate to the volume of the box size.


This project was focused on improving the packaging of DBC's medical grade bottles and will specifically find ways to reduce the volume of the container boxes and type of packaging materials. Design analysis reduced the size of the shipping container by 50% and prototypes of bottles and internal fixturing were prototyped using additive printing. The box design was revised and outsourced for production at a commercial box company, with some cost savings over the original design. The cost benefits of this project will make DBC more efficient and will increase their market share by allowing them to be priced more competitively against foreign competitors.

Funder: SONAMI
Area: Advanced Manufacturing

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