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Material Flow Improvement & Reduction of Non-Value Added Inventory

Canada Tubeform


Canada Tubeform is a leading London, Ontario based provider of tubular hydro-forming capability, robotic MAG welded assemblies and CNC tube bending. In this cost competitive market, Canada Tubeform has identified a need to improve operational efficiency, reduce cycle time and minimize waste by streamlining production processes to reduce non-value added handling of inventory and reducing floor space by eliminating inventory.


Through this proposed project, Canada Tubeform collaborated with Lambton College to improve their process productivity and waste reduction. A Six Sigma review of two product lines was performed and many opportunities for improved efficiency were found in process flow and in floor space utilization. If all proposed changes are implemented, this would allow Canada Tubeform to become more efficient and competitive. Additionally, they would be able to save money by postponing the fabrication of an extension to their current building.

Funder: NSERC
Researcher: Rick Williston
Area: Advanced Manufacturing

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