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Development & Optimization of a Novel, Ultrafast Aluminum-Ion Battery for Large Scale Energy Storage Applications

Volta Energy Technologies


Energy storage options that are reliable, long lasting and affordable are becoming an essential component in developing a sustainable energy system. Historically, lead-acid batteries were employed to store excess electrical energy, but their short lifespan combined with their high maintenance requirements have limited their use.

Lithium-ion batteries have also been studies and installed for different applications but their high cost, environmental issues and shorter lifespan compared with aluminum-ion batteries has further hindered their utilization in large-scale applications. 


Volta Energy Technologies in collaboration with Lambton College has proposed a project to develop a novel, high-efficiency, aluminum-ion battery that is capable of ultrafast charge and discharge with a long cycle life exceeding those commercially available, secondary batteries including, lithium-based batteries.

In addition to a single cell development and optimization, a series of battery banks - ranging from 1.0 kW to 25.9 kW (30-minute) - will be developed and tested under varying operational conditions.

This project will greatly enhance Volta Energy Technologies' ability to serve their existing and future customers while creating economic growth and providing positive environmental impacts for Canada.

Funder: NSERC - ARD
Researcher: Shahram Karimi
Area: Advanced Material Development

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