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The Ontario Sugarbeet Growers' Association, Michigan Sugar


The Ontario Sugarbeet Growers' Association and Michigan Sugar form the basis of a grower-owned co-operative that cultivates sugarbeets to be exported for sugar production in Michigan. The Ontario Sugarbeet Growers' Association has noted that sugarbeet growers in Lambton and Kent Counties consistently out-produce their Michigan counterparts and show significant potential to increase local sugarbeet cultivation.


The Ontario Sugarbeet Growers' Association and its partners, will collaborate with Lambton College to undertake techno-economic modelling for bio-chemical and bio-materials generation from sugarbeets and their waste products, which may include, ethanol, butanol, lactic acid or succinic acid.

The goal of this project is to identify the most suitable high value added products and assess the viability of a processing facility employing sugarbeets as a feedstock in the region.

The Ontario Sugarbeet Growers' Association's long-term objective is to increase sugarbeet acreage, which in turn will enhance the regional agriculture industry by providing greater profitability than traditional crops.

Funder: NSERC - IE Grant
Researcher: Katerina Chobotova, Aung Oo
Area: Bio-Technology

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