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Design, Develop & Test Wood Gasification Process



Urban wood waste from construction sites or demolition is waste that would usually end up in landfills. These dirty wood chips as well as forestry residues such as deadwood and biomass left behind after timber is harvested can be used to create energy. 

This project will look at using existing pilot gasification units at Lambton College to determine optimal process conditions for gasifying these dirty wood chips without causing bridging and sagging problems.


Enertec will collaborate with Lambton College to determine the best processing conditions for gasifying the dirty wood chips and as a second phase to this project, they will focus on designing a processing plant that will accommodate all the necessary equipment in the Fibrex factory that is now owned by Enertec.
Funder: NSERC - IE
Researcher: Sundar Narayan
Area: Bio-Technology

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