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Develop & Optimize Fermentation based Production of Health Products from Ginseng & Plant Based Materials

Western Phytoceutica Inc


Western Phytoceutica Inc is a company located in Sarnia, Ontario and is recognized as Canada’s premier evidence-based ginseng products company, offering the best products to consumers and ingredients for the industry through research and innovation in advanced bio-processing and molecular horticulture practice by the best people.

Ginseng is a panacea for health products. The health benefits are well documented in traditional medicine literature as well as high quality scientific research. Western Phytoceutica Inc’s mission is to develop and commercialize the innovative science-based technology for sourcing of Ontario-grown American ginseng materials and premium quality, evidence-based American ginseng natural health products.


Western Pjytoceutica Inc has specialized in making high valued red ginseng via advanced thermal prossing. WPC is collaborating with Lambton College to conduct scientific research to:

  • Control and optimize production to give high quality products to the market
  • Establish a platform to characterize product quality and health benefits for commercialization

Funder: Ontario Centres of Excellence - CSSCTP
Researcher: Katherine Mantha
Area: Bio-Technology

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