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Evaluate & Optimize Cellulosic Sugar Purification by Uninterrupted Ion Exchange

Renix Inc


This project will focus on evaluating several different samples of sugar solutions and will conduct bench-scale testing of these sugars for the UIX technology. Different UIX configurations will also be tested to achieve optimal operating conditions for various sugar solutions.

Through this optimization project, the projected result is to work towards creating a solution for greater density and viscosity similar to cellulosic sugars.


The steps of the project will be conducted in two phases.

During the first phase, feed characteristics and resin candidate selections will take place. Renix Inc will evaluate resins for loading characteristics and elution conditions. This will happen in-house at Renix Inc.

In the second phase, the UIX configuration will be designed and a comprehensive set of tests will be implemented using Renix Inc’s in-house small pilot system.

Funder: NSERC - ARD1
Researcher: Margaret Carter
Area: Bio-Technology

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