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Market Research & Product Development for a Bio-Based line of Fertilizers derived from Spent Mushroom Substrate

BioLiNE Corporation


This project will see the development of a robust database of manufacturers, suppliers, and users of soil enrichment products to be utilized in rapidly bringing the company’s products to its consumers. Through this partnership, BioLiNE Corporation is better enabled to strategically market and sell its value-added fertilizers, significantly lessening its time to market and capital expense.


In partnership with BioLiNE Corporation, the Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre is supporting the development of novel liquid, granular, and soilless fertilizers for agricultural and home use.

Through market intelligence gathering comparing chemical and physical properties and ingredient formulations, BioLiNE Corporation is able to target specific end-uses, pricing, and packaging information for its new line of products.

Funder: NSERC - IE Grant
Researcher: Cole Nadalin
Area: Bio-Technology

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