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Pilot Study & Optimization of Novel Solvent-Free Technology for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Pulses, Grains and Seeds

Advanced CERT Canada


Plant protein is a cost effective protein resource that has economic advantages over more expensive meat and dairy-based proteins. The rapidly growing market demand for food products with high nutritional value requires innovative and sustainable technologies.

Advanced CERT Canada has been developing an environmentally clean and economical solvent-free separation process for the extraction of functional proteins from pulses, grains, and seeds. This novel technology preserves the bio-functionality of the ingredients and averts toxic microbial contamination, which is common in wet processes. It produces protein-rich flour, and carbohydrate- and fiber-rich fractions without the need for solvents and chemicals, resulting in reduced capital and operating costs. It also significantly reduces the waste and associated hazardous risks and treatment costs compared to solvent-based processes.


Advanced CERT Canada will benefit from the expertise at Lambton College in process optimization, scale-up, and automation to support the development of a pilot-scale protein extraction facility.

The company's strategy is to capture 10-15 per cent of the Canadian market demand for protein isolate and nutritious gluten-free flour within five years representing a net worth of $6 million per annum.

Once the facility is constructed and in operation, suitable sized samples for testing can be produced for potential customers in different markets to support the development of protein applications in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agricultural sectors.

Funder: NSERC - IE Grant
Researcher: Margaret Carter
Area: Bio-Technology

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