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S2G Biochem


S2G Biochem is a global, leading chemical conversion company that is galvanizing a new era of refining for a wide variety of products we use daily.

S2G Biochem was the first company to simultaneously co-produce xylitol and biochemical glycols by chemically converting abundant forestry and agricultural residue into:

  • Xylitol - a premium sweetening food ingredient with superior taste and health benefits
  • Bio-based glycols – drop-in, chemically identical replacements for petroleum-based plastics used in drink containers, resins, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, coolants and antifreeze.


Biochemicals are in the Biomaterials sector within the clean technology industry and offer a more sustainable yet profitable alternative. Producing biochemicals benefits the forestry, agricultural and emerging renewable fuels industry by adding significant value to their waste and byproduct streams. S2G Biochem is partnering with Lambton College to set up a pilot facility and the partnership will involve the following:

  • Procuring and quality testing of variable C5/C6 feedstock
  • Review of current problems with variable C5/C6 feedstock from S2G previous work andcurrent literature
  • Identification of optimal feedstock quality parameters
  • Testing purification of variable C5/C6 feedstock using a new UIX moving bed (ionexchange) system
  • Optimize xylitol production based on purified feedstock

Funder: OCE - CSSCTP
Researcher: Reyna Gomez-Flores
Area: Bio-Technology

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