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Testing the Ability of Pennycress for use as Bio-Pesticide & Brownfield Remediation

Bio-Share International Ltd


Field pennycress is primarily a winter annual plant. It is a member of the mustard seed family similar to crops like canola and mustard and has great potential as an oilseed crop and/or winter cover crop.

Pennycress can be grown in the fall, winter and spring seasons between soybean and corn crops. Production requires few inputs and no land use changes. Additionally, the oil is suitable for biodiesel production and the meal can be used for protein isolate, organic fertilizer and bio-fumigant.


The perceived business opportunity is having natural oils in addition to seed meal for use in weed control remediation of larger brownfield sites in an eco-friendly and affordable way.

It is the desire of Bio-Share International Ltd to receive various, scientific trusted reports, backed by actual lab tests, in-hand from a reliable source. This enables the company to bring new investors to the table who’ve expressed interest in helping engage resources and R&D funds, for the purpose of developing new products in the marketplace.

Funder: NSERC - ARD
Area: Bio-Technology

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