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Biodiesel Production Plant Optimization



BIOX is a renewable energy company with a growing network of production facilities and distribution infrastructures in North America, including two biodiesel plants in Ontario and a 90 usg plant in Houston, Texas - a joint venture partnership with World Energy and the third largest plant in the USA.

The BIOX biodiesel production process takes non-food based fats and oils from biomass and converts them to clean burning, renewable fuel and other co-products.


Through partnership with Lambton College, BIOX is in the process of upgrading their Sombra facility and optimizing their process. The collaborative project will address the following initiatives:

  • Upgrading the current plant to suit various non-food based fats and oils
  • Increasing plant capacity by 50%
  • Full scale sulphur analysis on feedstock through to finished product to find treatment technologies
  • Glycerol upgrading studies

Funder: OCE - CSSCTP
Researcher: Jessica Carter
Area: Bio-Technology

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