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Exploring & Optimizing Milling & Particle Size Analysis Techniques

Origin Materials


Origin Materials has developed unique and proprietary technology which allows them to transform multiple bio-based feedstocks into a broad range of chemical intermediates with large existing market demand. The company has successfully demonstrated the technology in their Sacramento pilot plant and now has chosen Sarnia for its first commercial scale demonstration due to the unique nature of the bio-cluster which has been growing in the Sarnia region in recent years.


Origins has developed a novel process for the production of Hydrothermal Carbon (HTC). HTC is a substitute for carbon black and is made from 100% renewable materials such as wood fibres. For the HTC particle size is very important for colour characteristics and blending ability.

In partnership with Lambton College the aim is to explore milling and particle size analysis techniques to determine an optimal particle size. This will also require optimizing compounding techniques for blending in rubbers, plastics and other materials. The results of this proposed project will optimize the product, reduce the operation costs and expand the products applications.

Funder: Ontario Centres of Excellence - College Strategic Sector/Cluster/Technology Platform
Area: Bio-Technology

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