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High Efficiency Syntheses & Isolation of Furfural

DMT BioProducts


Creative Enterprises is based in Alymer, Ontario and specializes in design, engineering and fabrication of equipment for the construction industry. Creative Enterprises started a research and development project to develop an innovative high efficiency bio-refining technology to produce furfural from miscanthus. A start-up company DMT Bioproducts was created in 2014 to develop and commercialize the proposed technology.

This project will provide significant advancement in the companies bio-processing technology as current global technology for furfural production is limited to a maximum yield of 10%. Furfural is a bio-renewable chemical that has gained a renewed attention as a potential chemical for the production of bio-chemicals. It is used as a starting material for many high-value chemicals and materials. Furfural and its derivatives have been extensively used in plastics, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.


Based on successful outcomes of the project, DMT is planning to develop a pilot processing plant with 1 ton per day production capability. Upon successful implementation of pilot plant and testing, DMT plans to develop a full scale processing plant.

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