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Optimization of Fermentation and Purification Processes for the Production of Linear Covalently Closed DNA Ministrings

Mediphage Bioceuticals Inc


Safer DNA vectors with high stability, efficacy and efficient purification are of high demand in the gene therapy (GT) industry as a delivery device for genetic cargo. To date, while many vector approaches have been applied to GT, they have fallen short in vector expression delivery, duration and gene expression efficiency, and safety.


Mediphage Bioceuticals, a start-up company that utilizes bacteriophage and/or bacteriophage elements to develop platform technologies for gene therapeutics is partnering with Lambton College's Bio-industrial Process Research centre is to optimize a fermentation and purification process for the production of linear covalently closed DNA mini-vectors.

The Lambton College research team that will work closely with Mediphage Bioceuticals includes a principal investigator and two research students. The results of the project will relieve the msDNA production bottleneck and provide an efficacious and safe approach to cell engineering, as well as ensure a stable and inexpensive supply of vector to enable new cell and gene therapies.

  • NSERC - Engage

  • Ontario Centres of Excellence - College Voucher for Technology Adoption

Researcher: Reyna Gomez-Flores
Area: Bio-Technology

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