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Testing Bio-Mineral Extraction of Mushroom Substrate Waste

BioLINE Corp


BioLiNE Corp. is an Ontario-based company that has developed a novel process to produce value added products from spent mushroom waste. This waste is rich in minerals such as nitrogen, potassium and calcium. The liquid mineral fertilizer produced is free of particulate matter and microbes making it ideal for spray or drip irrigation for agriculture.


In order to optimize the process and generate a high quality product BioLiNE requires testing to be performed. In partnership with Lambton College, BioLiNE is looking to demonstrate greenhouse gas emissions savings by displacing the use of peat moss in growing media, and reducing the use of conventional fertilizers and pesticides. Their process provides a safe and environmentally friendly means of waste management for mushroom farms reducing the potential for nutrient run-off into surface and ground water.

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