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Assessing the Relationship between an Enhanced Simulation Environment and the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Paramedic Students

Bluewater Health


The objective of this study will be to determine that when the identified barriers to effective simulation are removed, a more realistic environment is provided to the student learner. When the student is presented with a more realistic environment it will provide the necessary tools for them to become a better critical thinker. It is the enhancement in this area that will be the contributing factor in making the student more prepared for entry into practice and will result in improved quality of patient care and patient safety.


The potential impact of this study is to benefit the effectiveness of paramedic educational methods and to improve the abilities of their students in becoming better prepared for entry into practice. Evidence based research in this area may also promote improvements in the training methods which are currently utilized in the profession of paramedicine.

Funder: Research Innovation Fund (RIF)
Researcher: Tony Mallette
Area: Health & Wellness

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