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Understanding Bachelor of Nursing Students' perception of an international service learning experience



The purpose of the study is to explore the impact of an international service learning experience to Haiti on a group of BScN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) students. This research will evaluate the students’ personal and professional growth through analysis of their reflections in their written journals throughout the experience.

This international experience will be in partnership with a local non-government (NGO) organization, Rayjon; as well as with an international NGO, “Hands up for Haiti”. The lived experiences with the students’ self-reflections will be of interest to both of these NGOs as they continue to have students from different areas and backgrounds of study participate in their projects in Haiti. The themes identified by the students may be of benefit to the NGOs as they can modify or continue with offering learning opportunities for students in their projects in Haiti.


This research will benefit Lambton College as the college continues to evaluate the value added for our nursing students participating in international learning opportunities.

Funder: Research Innovation Fund (RIF)
Researcher: Janet Raiger
Area: Health & Wellness

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