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Act II is a theatre-based program of Sarnia-Lambton Rebound providing an artistic approach that allows youth to reach their full potential in a fun and safe environment. For many years, Rebound and Lambton College have enjoyed a successful partnership through field placement opportunities for the Child and Youth Worker and Social Service Worker programs as well as partnering on professional development opportunities in the past year. It is felt that there is now an opportunity to collaborate on a research project that will add to the body of knowledge related to vulnerable youth, prevention supports, and the role of the arts as a protective factor in the lives of youth in our community.

The research project will capture two seasons of the ACT II program and will include pre and post measures with all participants. Qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered to capture the impact of participation in the program by youth, staff and volunteers. The final outcome will be the distribution and circulation of a report that outlines the research project in detail and captures the findings of the research period. Recommendations for future arts based programs, and conclusions drawn for the role of the theatre based programming as a prevention support for vulnerable youth.


Rebound is looking for data to validate five years of anecdotal and narrative outcomes of the positive impact of the theatre program and the role of the expressive arts as a protective factor. The college will benefit from an opportunity to contribute to the body of evidence in the social services field of research and be seen as a source of academic proficiency. Further, this project will allow for valuable practical experience for both teaching staff and students to gain valuable skills conducting research in the social sciences field.

Funder: Research Innovation Fund (RIF)
Researcher: Michelle Shelswell
Area: Social Science & Community Services

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