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Connecting Link2Feed to Collective Impact Platforms



Link2Feed will collaborate with Lambton College to connect the Link2Feed software to Collective Impact platforms established in the industry. From a high level, the goal of this project is to develop a system where Link2Feed provides both an interface where Collective Impact platforms can pull data from Link2Feed, and also a system where Link2Feed can push out data on-demand.


At the core of the project will be a focus on network security and privacy, where industry best practices and the latest in security research are utilized to keep a lock on the sensitive information available through Link2Feed and Collective Impact platforms. The project will take place in five major phases: the development of a prototype interface to allow Link2Feed to communicate with PCCI Pieces in the scope of the North Texas Food Bank; the refinement of the prototype to fully integrate with PCCI Pieces as well as Results Scorecard; a report upon the live test of the prototype in the Dallas, TX area food banks where Link2Feed and PCCI Pieces are already being used separately; a period of tweaks and improvements based on the results of the live test; and finally a period of preparation for commercialization. At the end of the eight-month project, Link2Feed will be ready to go to market with the added capability of integrating with existing Collective Impact platforms: a facility which does not currently exist in the food bank software industry.



Researcher: Len Payne
Area: Information Technology

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