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Development of Mobile Energy Service Management System

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We are building an Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management solution for utilities. This mobile solution will automate service delivery of repairs and maintenance across a wide area or undefined service territory. Mobile workforce management incorporated into utilities' fleet service operations should reap significant rewards in saving time and money, if mobile solutions are properly employed. The benefits of fleet operations utilizing mobile solutions are many - to the company, environment and to society:

  • Mobile outage management solutions allow for faster response times in critical situations
  • Mobile solutions simplify the asset control and inspection process, saving time and money.
  • Real-time data sharing technologies allows the decision-maker to be more informed and the decisions to be made faster.
  • Live remote mapping allow the operations fleet to easily access areas that don't have addresses.
  • Flexible, dynamic dispatch and routing options allow utilities to quickly change routings in order to save resources (e.g., send the closest vehicle) and minimize outage time.
  • Electronic work package transmission saves paper and resources.



Researcher: Len Payne
Area: Information Technology

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