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Development of One-Touch Lock-Out (OTLO) System for Industrial Applications

Beacontree Technologies Inc.


Beacontree Technologies Inc. (BTI) located in Toronto, ON was founded in 2005 to address Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions. BTI decided to branch out to pursue Near Field Communication (NFC) technology when smartphone/tablet manufacturers adopted NFC readers in their devices. The significance of this adoption represents the most cost-effective RFID reader device with the greatest distribution in the world. They developed a product called One-Touch Inspection (OTI) which provides a reality check for any type of inspection process where NFC validates WHO, WHERE and WHEN. BTI has been assessing how RFID could be applied to an Equipment Lock-Out System. This technology would be beneficial to complex process industries including; oil & gas, petro-chemicals, chemicals, iron & steel and utilities for shutting down their units.

Beacontree Technologies has partnered with Lambton College to develop the application and prove its effectiveness. This will consist of setting up an interface where a company can specify the time a shutdown will occur and what points must be locked out and isolated amongst a unit operation set that will be managed through a smartphone/tablet. After the technology is developed by the College, BTI will test the system with a trial company to assess the effectiveness as well as address any technical issues. Students enrolled in Lambton College’s Mobile Application Design & Development program at the Toronto Campus will be able to apply their skills and knowledge and gain experience through this partnership with Beacontree Technology.


BTI will benefit from the development of this technology as it will allow for them to expand into new industries which will increase their revenue. The students and faculty researchers will benefit from participating in this project as they will increase their knowledge and experience that will allow them to apply this in the classroom and future employment. The companies who will utilize this software will increase their safety and efficiency during shut down operations.



Researcher: Pedram Faghihi
Area: Information Technology

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