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Development of Pain Tracker Solution for Psychological Assessment & Treatment

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Collecting and tracking accurate and reliable information from patients dealing with psychological reactions related to rapid and abrupt changes to their health status or personal situation is very difficult and the only source of information is patient’s self-report based on their memory. Patients often can only remember a few instances of pain fluctuations and it is very difficult for them to describe each instance in great detail. Their descriptions of their pain experience are often vague and general without clear reference to specific information (date/time, location, duration and intensity).

Psychology Health Solution (PHS) a is a multicultural group practice providing psychological services will collaborate with Lambton College’s Information Technology Research group to develop “PainTracker” technology that will enable patients the ability to record their experiences of pain with details such as pain location, severity rating, duration and descriptions (pre-determined common descriptions as well as ability to include custom descriptions). The Lambton College IT research group will develop software, web portal and mobile app that will enable patients to record other daily functions such as medication intake, food intake, activity level, emotional state, sleep and other useful information.


The results of this project will provide economic and social impact by creating revenue and jobs while helping people with chronicpain. In addition to using the “PainTracker” technology in their own clinic to assist their patients, Psychology Health Solution(PHS) will market the App to other clinics, hospitals and government agencies operating in the healthcare field.



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