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Productivity Improvement for RedRick's Operations Process

RedRick Technologies Inc.


RedRick Technologies located in Mount Bridges, Ontario works exclusively with radiology personnel and healthcare architects to engineer radiology reading room furniture, mounting solutions and accessories designed to meet the unique requirements of diagnostic imaging. Since its inception RedRick has been busy solely concentrated on the development and growth of the business and not able to focus on improving the operations. Now that the business is developed and established RedRick would like to optimize their operations to be more effective and efficient. This will also allow them to provide optimal service to their customers and continue to grow the company.


RedRick has partnered with a Lambton College faculty researcher and students to find, implement and modify existing business solutions to assist with their operations in the area of online technical document control, purchasing, inventory control, and accounting. Initial analysis and documentation will be required to determine production and business workflow efficiency gaps.

Information Technology and Business programs will look for existing software and systems to implement and modify to meet the RedRick’s needs. RedRick estimates that the need for their products and expertise will continue to grow resulting in opportunities to increase revenue by $500k the first year and up to $5M over the next five, however their current inefficient state of operations will not allow them to respond to this demand without significant changes and improvements to their procedures and methods.



Researcher: Mark Russell
Area: Information Technology

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