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Community Marketplace Project

Electro-byte Technologies Inc.


This project will develop new processes that combine existing payment gateways with modern user experience tools to rebuild the community classifieds page as a mobile-first, accessible and marketable cloud service.


The finished product will up-sell users for different promotions and complete their payment. It will also connect to social media sharing for enhanced community involvement. In addition, the new service will provide easy content addition and search methods to increase ease-of-use and improve the marketability of the product.

The primary test bed of this new technology will be EBTech’s Sarnia Lambton Classifieds page. Working pre- and post-launch with a vibrant, functional community of volunteer testers and the latest analytics technologies, researchers will perform A/B testing of potential solutions to verify that an optimal solution is found for each feature.

EBTech will work directly with students from the programming and web design departments of Lambton College to develop timelines, milestones as well as design and user interface parameters that Lambton College and EBTech will need to meet in order to have the newly developed service launched by September 2015.

The project will run in three phases: 1) modernization, where the existing tools will be modified or re-built to provide a stable base for modern front-end technologies; 2) UI/UX refinement, where an initial launch prototype will be prepared and tested; and 3) scaling for the web, where the tool will be stress tested and optimized for live and simulated audiences in larger markets.



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