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FlangeTrakTM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

INTEGRA Technologies


Since 1986, INTEGRA Technologies has been delivering services and products to ensure the safety and reliability of the North American energy infrastructure. INTEGRA’s focus is on Leak Detection, Leak Correction, and Leak Prevention. INTEGRA, with its head office in Grand Bend, ON and local operations in Sarnia, has 3 locations in Canada and 6 locations in the US. INTEGRA has 115 employees. INTEGRA’s services and products are utilized in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation facilities of North America to reduce the impact that bolting, field machining, and leak detection processes have on outage durations on both disassembly and assembly.

There is currently no software that can track an energy industry asset from construction to commissioning to operations and then through the maintenance cycle with the purpose of delivering actionable data for ensuring the integrity of that asset from an operational and environmental release aspect.


INTEGRA Technologies and Lambton College will collaborate through this project to develop a novel, and complex Flangetrak® Plant Integrity ERP software that will bridge plant construction and maintenance activities delivering certainty of outcome. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be included as part of Analytics Module for advanced data analysis, predictive data management, and reporting. A research faculty and three students will be involved in this project. Flangetrak® will have significant economic and job creation impact for INTEGRA as well as its clients. The project result will also reduce the amount of environmental impact industry-wide from leaking bolted assemblies.



Researcher: Marcos Bittencourt
Area: Information Technology

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