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Development of Wireless Isolation Tool Pressure Monitoring Technology



The nature of this project is to provide industry with a safer means of monitoring isolation tools and to do it remotely using wireless technology. The project is important to CARBER as the company needs to enhance its isolation device monitoring systems to meet today's technology and customer requirements.


Using the developed technology, the service operator and supervisor will be able to operate the isolation monitoring devices safely and enabling the maintenance management team to remotely supervise the ongoing work simultaneously in various locations and communicate effectively in real with all involved maintenance personnel's. The developed remote monitoring devices will be installed in all isolation units currently use indicating instruments and used in servicing contract. This will result in opening more opportunities for other type of services to the company particularly in areas where remote isolation devices monitoring is required as the case of deep water northern territories and rough terrain service requirements.

Funder: NSERC-ARD 2
Researcher: Khaled Nigim
Area: Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

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