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Energy Savings Gear Lubricants

Herdman Technology


Located in Kingsville, Ontario, Herdman Technology has developed a revolutionary line of additives. Their products boost the performance of conventional fluids used in industrial machinery and in internal combustion engines.

Ontario’s industrial manufacturing base relies heavily on high-powered gearboxes to drive automotive manufacturing lines, steel mills, electrical power generation, and a wide variety of compressors and pumps for the movement of fluids. The majority of these gearboxes are driven electrically, and energy saving gear lubricants can contribute very significantly to reducing electricity costs, thereby increasing the competitiveness of Ontario’s industry.

This project focuses on the optimization of Herdman's industrial gear lubricant and performance quantification of energy saving.


The technical challenges are to prove an approximate 10 per cent energy saving through lubrication formulation optimization and to measure this performance scientifically.

"This should result in tremendous sales increases both within Canada as well as drive export sales throughout the world. At the same time this will drive down the carbon footprint of industry and serve to create very significant employment opportunities for both the short and long term," says Fred Herdman, President, Herdman Technology States.



Researcher: Sandy Kirkbride
Area: Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

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