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Assessment and Optimization of Operational Efficiencies of Advanced Outage Management System (AOMS)

Bluewater Power


AOMS has been developed to provide the unique ability to Bluewater Power to discover, locate and resolve customer outages in an informed, orderly and timely manner. It can now assist operators in the efficient restoration of power, identify/localize potential sources of problems on the distribution grid, improve disaster management and enterprise management and enhance outage response to customers. The OMS determines fault locations using real-time Smart Meter data, and real-time information from FDIR and SCADA. An online outage portal is a part of the AOMS deployment which has given Bluewater Power customers the ability to report outages online.


This system helps Bluewater Power to manage customer outages by keeping customers informed through social media, and automated callback messages. Outage ticket creation, and tracking further enhanced Bluewater Power’s ability to identify and restore outages in the most efficient manner, and ensures that no customer gets left behind. Through the partnership, with LERC researchers had assisted with the assessment and optimization of the AOMS techniques for various operation and outage conditions.

Funder: NSERC - IE
Researcher: Khaled Nigim
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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