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Design, Analysis and Implementation of Establishing Micro Grid

Bluewater Power


Bluewater Power has plans to become one of the leading companies in Ontario and Canada with assessment and implementation knowledge of micro grids for small communities. The Town of Petrolia, connected to Bluewater Power electricity grid, was chosen as a study location primarily for its geographic attributes. Petrolia is fed by three independent feeders from Hydro One, all of which are fed from Wanstead TS. Petrolia has small critical loads including a hospital, city hall, and fire and ambulance stations. There is some micro-fit generation, and a medium sized Landfill Gas Generation, its power plant. Petrolia has some small industry, and is home to approximately 6,000 of Bluewater Power customers. The land around Petrolia is mostly agricultural and there is lots of room for town growth. These characteristics made this town a very good case for implementing a micro grid.

Bluewater Power and LERC researchers have collaboratively worked together to determine the feasibility of implementing a micro grid in the distribution territory, with the goal of obtaining and developing a comprehensive knowledge of micro grids for small communities, from planning to operation.


LERC researchers have designed, developed, and built a software model as well as supported the design and implementation of a potential microgrid using Petrolia’s electrical and renewable capacity. This project aided Bluewater Power to gain invaluable knowledge of the design, simulation, implementation and operation of a microgrid, which enabled it to effectively become the leader for microgrid projects in small communities in Ontario and Canada.

Funder: NSERC - IE
Researcher: Khaled Nigim
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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