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Optimization and Integration of Novel BioGenerator Process in Pilot Scale

BioGenerator Solutions Inc.


The BioGenerator is the world’s first microbial fuel cell for large-scale power generation and is the first biotechnological converter of hydrogen to electricity. BioGenerator Solutions Inc. in close collaboration with researchers at LC are building a 10-kW pilot plant BioGenerator system at LC’s campus for evaluation, optimization, and demonstration purposes for use in distributed generation systems. This pilot system will be used to store electrical energy for the smoothing of the power generated from LC’s renewable energy conversion and storage infrastructure, consisting of 11-kW solar array, 3-kW wind turbine and 5-kW hydrogen generation unit. Through LERC, researchers will help the partner with:

  • Internal connection of the system and integration with the College hydrogen generation and storage system
  • Testing of the dynamics and efficiency of the system connected to the College’s renewable sources
  • Evaluating performance of key components of the BioGenerator such as different anodes and bipolar plates
  • Long-term assessment of the BioGenerator operation
  • Developing and implementing the automation system in order to optimize the total power generation profile.


The result will be a stable, reliable, validated distributed power generation, successfully integrated onto the grid and available during peak daytime demand. The developed technology will be the world’s first biotechnologically-based power generation and storage system. BioGenerator Solutions has a plan to build a commercial unit by 2018.

Funder: NSERC - IE
Researcher: Shahram Karimi
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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