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Optimization and Validation of Operational Efficiencies of Transformer Monitoring System (DTMS)

Bluewater Power


DTMS technology has been deployed to perform proactive repair/replacement and reduce labour costs, reduce energy theft, determine improperly sized transformers (over/under loaded), measure bi-directional energy from distributed generations, determine line losses and power quality issues, develop power usage patterns and develop plans for electric vehicle charging stations. The use of this technology gives Bluewater Power more insight into its secondary voltage grid. By proactively monitoring transformers, they are able to identify areas of concern which will help in maintenance planning and optimization.


Traditionally, line losses were calculated based on a number of various data inputs, including customer consumption, billing data, and wholesale purchases. Distribution monitoring now allows the utility to validate these calculations by comparing actual usage through the transformers to the usage consumed at the Smart Meter. With an increase in microgeneration, transformers are potentially being used for reverse power flow. Targeting areas of the grid with Grid 20/20 devices that have more generation than load helps the utility to better understand the impact it is having on their equipment. The goal of this project through LERC was to support Bluewater Power with assessment and optimization of DTMS system.

Funder: NSERC - IE
Researcher: Khaled Nigim
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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