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Validation of Operational Efficiencies of Advanced Fault, Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) System for Distribution Grid Automation

Bluewater Power


Bluewater Power has a strategic plan to be a leading medium size smart grid and micro grid technology distribution company. Automation of electricity distribution will help operators to minimize the downtime caused by faults that cause outages. FDIR will be integrated with the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system as this gives FDIR direct access to the current status of grid which allows it to make safe decisions when closing and opening remotely operated equipment. By allowing FDIR to make these smart, safe decisions, grid health can be restored as far as possibly limiting the number of customers left without power until crews can correct the issue. It also speeds up the identification of the location of the fault, creating further efficiencies in crew deployment. Through the FDIR system, switching orders are automatically created, allowing the operators to focus on the correction of the fault.


LERC researcher at Lambton College will work collaboratively with Bluewater Power engineers and technical team to assist with the validation and optimization of the operational efficiencies that Bluewater Power hopes to gain from this technology.
Funder: NSERC - IE
Researcher: Khaled Nigim
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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