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Design, Fabrication and Optimization of a Green, High-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage System Using Nanostructured Zeolite Composites

New World Generation Inc.


Soaring energy costs, emergence of new technologies, and an ever-increasing awareness of harmful emissions from burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation have necessitated an urgent need for more abundant and less polluting sources of energy. It is generally agreed on that energy storage technologies must be an integral part of any new energy strategy as they can significantly alleviate most of the aforementioned issues and challenges.

New World Generation Inc. (NWG) in close collaboration with Lambton College have embarked on a new endeavor to design, fabricate, and optimize a novel thermal energy storage system based on natural, environmentally friendly minerals known as zeolites. A 2.0-kW system will be developed to demonstrate long term thermal energy storage for space heating and other important industrial applications using zeolite adsorbent beds in a fluidized and/or packed bed reactor. A wide range of laboratory tests will be performed to characterize and ultimately select the best-suited zeolite for efficient, long term thermal energy storage.


This project will greatly lower NWG's reliance on primary sources of energy for heating, cooling and electricity. Also the system can be sized and sold to other industrial and commercial clients as well as the charged materials can easily be transported to other facilities and used on demand.

Funder: NSERC - ARD
Researcher: Shahram Karimi
Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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