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Design Improvement, Optimization and Automation of Aclarus's Water Treatment System



Aclarus is an Ontario-based company established in 2011 with advanced Canadian built ozone water systems, which has the unique ability to disinfect, oxidize and improve the aesthetics of the source water – on demand. The core of the system is based on exclusive proprietary ozone generating and mixing designs. The design is multipurpose and applicable to water as well as wastewater treatment for tertiary and industrial applications.

While the Aclarus Water System is able to handle many known water and wastewater based contaminants, there are specific emerging concerning containments need to be studied and limitations to the design which has to be improved. The focus of this potential research study is specifically targeting bacteriological water parameters, (i.e. bacteria / virus / cyst / pathogens). In addition, the challenge for Aclarus when dealing with high water flow rates or specific tertiary wastewater projects is that the current generator capacity within the designed water treatment units does not have the desired adjustability and / or output required to be as effective and efficient as need be for most high water demand and industrial applications.

The proposed solutions in the proposed research project involves from the above mentioned challenges are: a) Treatment Bandwidth Improvement b) Design and implement power and ozone generation control system, and c) Process Automation and Optimization which will allow for a more optimized system with greater efficiency, control and data collection, thus allowing for greater commercialization potential and an enhanced marketable product.


Lambton College's significant operation, instrumentation, control and process optimization expertise and capacity will be the core resource for this collaborative project. There are immediate projects of a grand scale that are in development through Aclarus that the results from this research would be applied to including small municipality tertiary wastewater applications, high-flow industrial water and wastewater applications, along with potential export markets overseas. This will increase Aclarus’s revenue significantly, create manufacturing/engineering/sales jobs, and ultimately improve Ontario based technology and competitiveness. Lambton College researchers and students will have this excellent opportunity to work on real industrial challenge, use the gained knowledge for academic programs and enhance college student’s employability.

Researcher: Chad Nedin
Area: Water & Wastewater

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