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Flood Forecasting Innovation Project

St. Clair Conservation


St. Clair Region Conservation Authority (SCRCA) has been providing flood forecasting and warning services to municipalities since it formed in 1961. Made possible through funding provided both federally and provincially and in partnership with Water Survey of Canada, SCRCA monitors twelve stream gauge stations located throughout the watershed which provide water level data in streams and rivers on an hourly basis. With this, six precipitation stations are scattered throughout the region which supplement stream data in determining water flow and the potential for flooding.

Ever increasing uncertainty is arising in flood forecasting with the onset of climate change. Localized storms, intense rainfall events, and frequent winter snow melts are only a few challenges staff face when monitoring flood events. With the change in weather patterns due to climate change, existing stream and precipitation stations are becoming insufficient in providing a complete picture of watershed conditions.

The SCRCA in collaboration with the Lambton Water Centre is looking to close gaps in watershed data and increase efficiency in flood monitoring. With the installation of a permanent gauge station priced beyond funding capabilities, the need for mobile monitoring equipment providing real-time data is a significant component in continuing to provide flood services to municipalities.


To increase the efficiency and quality of stream and precipitation data, mobile monitoring equipment will be implemented which provides real-time information to aid in flood forecasting and warning. To start, staff are looking to conduct a pilot project consisting of a remote camera, HOBO water level logger and a wireless precipitation bucket. If the project is successful, further locations will be identified to continue closing data gaps.

Funder: NSERC - IE

Chad Nedin, Terry D'Silva, Craig Slipacoff

Area: Water & Wastewater

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