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Evaluation of Gasification of Wood Waste for the Production of Marketable Pellets and Clean Electricity Production

Kirby Waste Transfer Solutions


Kirby Waste Transfer Solutions (KWTS) located in Toronto, Ontario is a fully licensed waste transfer station under the Ministry of Environment. KWTS is focused on delivering only the greenest and most environmentally friendly solutions to handle your waste needs. KWTS receives about 200 tonnes of wood waste per day of which 60% of the wood waste they collect ending up in landfills. The company wanted to reduce the amount of wood going to landfills by either recycling it or using it for energy production.


The company has partnered with Lambton College and the Lambton Energy Research Center to find a green solution to their waste disposal problem. The projects goal is to drastically reduce the amount of wood waste going to the landfills. This project will use an off-the-shelf gasifier+engine genset combo called the Power Pallet to gasify wood waste and burn the gas in an engine that drives a genset. How reliably the Power Pallet produces electricity from wood waste will be quantified. The exhaust emissions from the genset will be estimated. The techno-economic feasibility of converting KWTS’ wood waste into electricity will be examined. A sample of the wood waste will be converted to wood pellets to see if such pellets will meet European standards and also make economic sense. The ultimate goal of this project will be to find out the better solution for KWTS wood waste, i.e., gasification or pelletization.


Sundar Narayan

Area: Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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