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Salsness Operational Optimization through column testing

Trojan Technologies


Design improvement through development of a pilot-scale column unit for testing performance parameters. One of Trojans main technology users are wastewater facilities who are facing new challenges. They are trying to expand their treatment capacity while saving costs and moving towards more sustainable process concepts because of population growth, aging infrastructure, and increasingly stringent treatment limits. Trojan has developed a rotating bed filtration (RBF) system that can function as a replacement technology or supplement to primary clarification.


In order for the RBF to consistently outperform the purification performance typically seen in a primary clarifier, this unit requires significant improvements and optimization. In order to prevent expensive re-designs and costly delays, Trojan is looking to develop a unit to test different operational parameters with Lambton College. Such unit must be automated, portable and sufficiently reliable to be deployed, for data collection, into real wastewater treatment plants.




Carlos Torres, Justin Randall, Jasil Elias

Area: Water & Wastewater

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