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Development of online real time analyzer of field bacteria measurement

Genemis Laboratories


Genemis’ proprietary platform technology allows them to produce engineered nanoparticles with multiple potential applications in diagnostics and chemical and microbiological detection. The AquaVial bacteria test kit, is a visual limit test designed for use in the field to determine the presence of microbial contamination in a water sample. AquaVial detects common bacteria such as E.coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, species of shigella, enterobacter. In addition, AquaVial can also detect fungi such as trichopyton and microsporum, known to cause Athlete’s food disease and nail infections, as well as candida albicans.


The major competitive advantage of this technology is the high sensitivity and accuracy of the test, with a relatively quick response time (within minutes), which makes this technology ideal for field application as well as real time inline water monitoring and control.  This collaboration extend from the work done in a laboratory setting to validate Genemis’ AquaVial technology via a ‘third party’ controlled environment. LWC researchers are working on developing a real time analyzer unit through Lambton College’s instrumentation and controls team.  The analytical verification and instrument created through this collaboration, has potential huge market applications for Genemis within the food / beverage, pharmaceutical, dental and water operations sectors.




Baoling Chen, Justin Randall, Samantha Tagliabracci

Area: Water & Wastewater

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