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Design, Fabrication and Optimization of a Residential Automated Composting System Powered by Solar Energy

Forest City Model and Patterns


There has been a steady rise in the utilization of residential and commercial composting vessels because of their simplicity, ease of use, and environmental, social and economic benefits. However, the majority of the commercial systems currently on the market suffer from one or more of the following shortcomings: low performance, high cost, undesired odour, high labour requirements, or lack of control.


Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. (FCMP) in collaboration with Lambton College's Bluewater Technology Access Centre proposes to develop a simple, robust, and affordable automated composting system powered by solar energy. This simple yet dynamic system is capable of converting various organic waste streams into green, sustainable end-products such as fertilizers and landscape materials in an economically sound and environmentally benign manner.

Funder: NSERC Engage
Researcher: Shahram Karimi
Area: Advanced Manufacturing; Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage

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